brainwashed girls

Brainwashed Girls

Are there really brainwashed girls?

It is hard to imagine in this day and age that such a thing could occur, but it seems that brainwashing is possible on a number of levels. To speak about the issue properly it first it should be defined, but loosely you could say it is to influence a mind to a degree that their own mind plays less of a role than the brainwashing.

What counts as brainwashing?

All data in to a mind may influence a brain, and if it is too severe and without mature consideration then it may be classed as brainwashing. So, state education or religion, performed on a young mind that cannot consider and reject as appropriate any information, may well be classed as brainwashing if it makes a large portion of the input a person receives.

How much is too much? This is the grey area that makes brainwashing people possible. Girls and boys would be especially vulnerable but men and women are affected too even if they are mature and rational – like advertising for example – they think it doesn’t effect them but it does.

Signs of brainwashing in adults

If someone holds an opinion or belief and when it’s challenged they can’t explain or defend it and instead get angry or otherwise emotional, that is a sign that some unconsidered data has taken hold in the mind of the individual. It may be difficult or impossible to undo.

how to brainwash someone

You have to get the data in somehow. If they are young they may not have a choice. If they are older you may have to make it enjoyable (TV) or bribe them (dining, luxeries, being invited somewhere, free rent) etc then once they are captivated they can be exposed to the new point of view you want them to take on. Furhtermore, you then want to train responses in them for certain actions and create triggers and cues to perform certain behaviours. Over time, with simple pavlovian training, most humans are susceptible to this type of learning which could in the extreme to considered a type of brainwashing.

Brainwash yourself

The dark side of brainwashed girls and boys is readily apparent, but the flipside is equally true – people can be trained (brainwashed) to perform helpful behaviours that will improve the quality of their life, and often the lives around them. If you are reading this then it is probable that the most obvious implication would be for you to retrain your brain – to perhaps sit straighter with better posture, to always say please and thank you where appropriate and to ignore negative thoughts and doubts and to increase your perceived mental strength. All these benefits are real, possible and helpful. Explore the rest of the site to learn how!

I was brainwashed:

Definition of brainwashed:

Pressurize (someone) into adopting radically different beliefs by using systematic and often forcible means.

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